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Trichology: The Study of Furries (and Otherkin)'s Journal

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19th April 2005

ablativearmour_10:44am: Hey, just wanted to post something. May I stress that this isn't Flamebait.

I think that the otherkin community is full of people that are just looking to fill their lives with non-existant value. If you are 17, male, and live in the United States, you may feel that you have no real importance. However, someone that is an otherkin can say, "I'm not a 17 year old, I'm a 1000 year old dragon from blah blah blah." Suddenly you have some value, albeit fictional value. You are suddenly surrounded by a supportive group of other 17 year olds AND you no longer have to cope with daily life. Although you may still go to school, your fictional alter-ego will provide you with enough entertainment that you can effectively avoid those situations that cause you to feel bored or sad. If some punk decides to beat you up, you can live happily in the knowledge that you are more powerful than they could understand, if only you had your old form back.

The otherkin community may have been started by people that truly believe that their soul isn't entirely human. I don't think that any of these people who actually believe remain within the otherkin community, due to the overpopulation of it with depressed teenagers who think, "I AM AN THUOSADN YR OLD DRAGON WITH AN ELF FORM, AND NOONE CAN DEFEATR ME BECOZ I AM TEH WARLORD LOL!!!!!11!1!!!!"

I am absolutely disgusted by the amount of obvious role-playing within any community like that of otherkin, and wondering if anyone else feels the same way.

2nd April 2005

sunshinegod4:30pm: For the furry defenders
If you're going to claim furries don't want to fuck animals, justify the following links as the creations of people NOT lusting after beasts of the field. Not safe for work, of course.


Look at this filth, then try to explain how these slime aren't lusting after animals.
lady_kas11:18am: Because of the rule "Debate is encouraged; stupidity is not", this will be my 1st and last post. I have nothing but stupid things to say.
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